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SLS is responsible for chronic mouth ulcers. Make your own toothpaste and know your ingredients to avoid sensitivity issues. For more info visit

SLS is responsible for chronic mouth ulcers. Make your own toothpaste and know your ingredients to avoid sensitivity issues. For more info visit

Cough Syrup with Honey and Onions

Red onions are also effective in relieving the symptoms of cold when used fresh. If you need an instant cough syrup, simply press the juice of a bigger fresh onion and mix it with a teaspoonful of honey and drink. It is recommended to take frequent small doses, because larger doses may upset your stomach.

To achieve similar results without pressing, slice up your red onion and put the slices in a jar. Cover with sugar or honey and let it sit overnight. It will extract most of the onion juice by the morning. Take it fresh by the teaspoonful 3-8 times a day. It will be most effective when used fresh.

Onion Poultice is an other effective way to break up phlegm and relieve cough quickly

This is a compound poultice made of partially fried onions, cornmeal, and vinegar, and it’s an excellent way to break up even a stubborn congestion relatively quickly.
Mince the onion finely and put in a pan adding a little oil to it. Stir and saute it a little bit, then add a cup of vinegar, mix, then add cornmeal until it forms a thick paste. Spread your hot paste onto a muslin cloth and fold over to hold poultice and heat in. Apply it as warm as possible on the chest/throat area. Cover with a blanket or towel to keep it warm. Leave it on for a while, at least 15 minutes.

Antifertility effect from chewing Queen Anne’s Lace seeds after coitus. QAL (Daucus carota) contains essential oils (terpenes) that have a progesterone blocking effect, which discourages implantation of the egg in the uterus. Herbalists describe this as the “slippery uterus” phenomenon, where the egg just slides on past. Women have been chewing one teaspoon of QAL seeds as a “morning after” contraceptive since time immemorial.

Herbs to use in your dream pillow

  • Anise – Repels nightmares, but be sure to use sparingly.
  • Calendula – Used to induce restful sleep.
  • Catnip - Increases restful sleep. Especially good for babies and children.
  • Cedar – Repels bad dreams.
  • Chamomile – Used for relaxation and pleasant dreams. 
  • Hops – Aids in restful sleep and healing. 
  • Jasmine – The dried flowers are useful for romantic and erotic dreams, especially for women.
  • Lavender – These flowers have the ability to ease stress, soothe, and relax. A simple pillow made only with lavender can be simply perfect.
  • Lemon Balm – A known for it’s ability to reduce anxiety and insomnia. Also valuable for relieving headaches and stress.  
  • Mugwort - Protection. 
  • Mullein – Guards against nightmares.
  • Rose petals – Adds loving and peaceful thoughts to dreams. 
  • Rosemary - Repels bad dreams, but use sparingly due to the strong scent.

Green Stain Mold

'Come to the edge.'
‘We can’t. We’re afraid.’
‘Come to the edge.’
‘We can’t. We will fall!’
‘Come to the edge.’
And they came.
And he pushed them.
And they flew.
Guillaume Apollinaire